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Contact the police and get medical care. If you didn’t call the police at the scene of a New York accident call the local police department or the New York State Troopers to report the truck accident.  Call your doctor or seek medical care.  Significant injuries often appear minor early on but get worse over […]

Many attorneys who handle injury cases treat truck accident cases as big car accident cases.  This may be because trucks and cars are motor vehicles. However, there are critical differences between a truck accident and car crashes. Commercial vehicles such as tractor-trailers, eighteen wheelers, dump trucks and other trucks are governed by specific federal safety […]

Accidents are upsetting, even without terrible injuries.  It is difficult to consider all things you may need to do after a New York truck accident.  Here are tips for the accident scene: 1. Be sure you and others are out of harm’s way. Too often people are badly injured, sometimes killed in second collisions or pile-ups […]

A truck with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of more than 10,000 pounds are more dangerous than cars in a collision.  Our truck accident lawyers provide the following information: WHAT TO DO AT THE ACCIDENT SCENE This checklist provides important recommendations by the Truck Accident Attorneys of Feroleto Law for actions immediately following a truck accident. WHAT […]

A truck accident is not just a big car accident case.  It is an essential starting point for a lawyer with a truck accident case. State and federal safety laws apply to truck accidents that do not apply to a car accident.  A lawyer should be familiar with good experts.  Special expertise is important for […]

Most truck drivers are very safe drivers. Unfortunately, truck drivers can get a bad reputation because truck accidents tend to get press, car drivers can be intimidated by big rigs on the road and a small minority of drivers who do not follow safety rules cause accidents. Safe truck drivers can be seriously injured or […]

This guide is to assist attorneys and others in dealing with injuries or wrongful death as a result of New York truck accidents. 1. If you delay in contacting an experienced truck accident lawyer you will likely lose crucial evidence. Many trucks are equipped with GPS devices and systems which measure speed, distance travelled and locations.  […]

The New York Truck Accident Resource Center was created by the truck accident lawyers at Feroleto Law.  We have extensive experience specific to Truck Accident Cases. To better inform those involved in truck accidents and provide information useful before accidents occur we provide the following resources. WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT TRUCK ACCIDENTS. The information in […]

Getting to causes which contribute to a truck crash is important.  It is important not just to prove who was at fault.  It may also affect the settlement or verdict at trial. Many injury lawyers make the mistake of not hiring an expert or hiring an expert too late.    Hiring the right experts soon after […]