Amazon Surpasses UPS and FedEx

Amazon Is Now the Largest Delivery Service in The United States

FedEx and UPS were the largest names in delivery or courier services in the United States for a while, but not anymore. According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon Logistics, which is Amazon’s own delivery service, has surpassed FedEx and UPS as the largest delivery company in the United States.

Amazon’s rise to become the largest courier service in the United States happened quickly. Amazon is predicting that it will make 5.9 billion deliveries by the end of 2023. That number is staggering, considering that FedEx’s parcel volume reached roughly 3.05 billion for its last fiscal year and UPS deliveries for last year totaled 5.3 billion.

Potential Consequences of Amazon’s Increased Deliveries

One of Amazon’s tactics in improving profitability and speed of deliveries has been to lessen the distance packages travel in the U.S. Amazon’s CFO noted that, “These delivery speed improvements have been a key driver of growth and are resulting in increased purchase frequency by our Prime members.” While this may be good news for those waiting for their parcels, an increase in deliveries can result in increased stress on the logistics system, including delivery drivers.

Amazon van and truck accidents — as well as FedEx accidents — are all too common. Drivers are often overworked and rushed by their employers to rapidly complete deliveries. This is when accidents happen. Amazon van and truck accidents can result from various factors, including driver fatigue, inadequate training, and equipment malfunctions, but the pressure to meet demanding delivery schedules and handle a monumental number of deliveries each year is an exceedingly relevant cause for accidents.

The “last mile” of delivery, often considered the most accident-prone phase of the delivery process, poses unique challenges. With Amazon increasingly relying on its own last-mile delivery services, including Amazon Prime and independent contractors through the Delivery Service Partner program, the potential for accidents involving Amazon delivery vehicles rises exponentially. This raises concerns for both drivers and pedestrians who share the road. If you’ve been involved in an accident with an Amazon delivery vehicle, consulting with a Buffalo vehicle accident lawyer can help you understand your rights and options. This can be further exacerbated by busy delivery seasons, like the holiday season.

Pedestrian or car accidents involving Amazon delivery vans and trucks can be devastating. Amazon vehicles are significantly larger than the majority of standard passenger vehicles and this means that their accidents can be severe. In the case of an accident involving an Amazon truck or van, UPS truck, or FedEx truck, you will need an experienced truck accident attorney on your side to fight for your rights and deserved compensation.

If you or a loved one was injured in an Amazon truck accident, Amazon van accident, FedEx accident, or UPS accident, contact our truck accident lawyers today at 716-854-0700 to discuss your case. We can help.

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