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The NFTA recognized several professional bus drivers who served more than 30 years without an accident. As attorneys frequently deal with truck accidents and bus accident and recognize most drivers are professionals who do a fine job, sometimes under difficult circumstances. But it seems we don’t hear about the good drivers enough. Two weeks ago, a good […]

Peace Bridge truck inspections should speed up. Too often, truck traffic backs up on the QEW or New York State Thruway. In addition to causing delays, it has caused many rear and car crashes and truck accidents. Peace bridge officials seek to spend tens of millions of dollars to widen the bridge approach to the US Plaza and […]

A milk truck overturned on Anderson Road near Walden Avenue in Cheektowaga, New York, narling traffic for hours. We have handled milk truck accidents and other tanker truck crashes as truck accident attorneys.The handling of a milk truck requires special care as the milk can move significantly, for instance move forward with great force if brakes are […]

A second vehicle was not involved in the Carol County, Kentucky school bus crash that caused the death of two children and injured many others, according to the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department. The head start bus left Barnes Road near Carrollton, flipping and hitting a tree. Originally, the Sheriffs Department reported a second vehicle  collided with […]

There have been many rear end collisions involving stopped trucks on the QEW near the Peace Bridge. Maybe it’s because I handle truck accidents that I’m looking at the new agreement from a safety standpoint. This week the United States and Canada have agreed that American personnel may inspect off low bound trucks in Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada. This will […]

The New York State Thruway Authority wants to raise $90 million per year by raising truck tolls. The hike would increase the toll for a three axle truck traveling between Buffalo and New York City from $88-$127 per trip. Wow. Today they’re having a hearing at the Buffalo and Erie County Library, across from my […]

A tour bus – which took 15 lives last year was likely caused by a sleep deprived driver and a bus company which provided too little safety oversight, according to the National Transportation Safety Board. The sleep deprived bus driver was speeding up to 78 miles per hour in a 50 miles per hour zone on […]

YRC Freight is looking to hire 200 qualified over the road truck drivers in several cities, including Buffalo, New York. The Western New York terminal is in Tonawanda, New York. Truck drivers willing to haul over the road should look at the YRC website at: Drive safe.

Let’s face it, some locations have rollover after rollover. The American Transportation Research Institute look at more than 50,000 crash records from 31 states high frequency roll over locations. Hopefully, industry and government can work to reduce truck crashes, especially big rig accident where the road environment is a contributing factor. You can see the […]