When a nationally recognized attorney sought a Buffalo, New York attorney to handle a major lawsuit against a large utility company he called on John Feroleto. The utility company terminated the heating gas of the senior citizen:, she froze to death. The company denied responsibility. Mr. Feroleto prosecuted the claim, identifying numerous safety regulation violation, resulting in a successful and significant confidential recovery for the family.

A top trial attorney from the State of Arizona needed assistance in New York when a worker lost substantially all of his vision in one eye when a power tool exploded. The attorney called on John Feroleto who secured an exemplar tool, hired the right expert, identified the defect, and secured a substantial confidential settlement for the injured worker and his family.

At Feroleto Law we have experience with cases you may not regularly handle. We have experts and investigators available.

We can work with you on a very fair referral or co-counsel basis.

Even for an auto case, disbursements, discovery, medical evaluations, etc. can get burdensome and expensive. If a referral or co-counsel arrangement would be helpful to you, call or email John Feroleto.

If you have a case you where would like discuss legal theories, settlement or trial strategies, you can do so confidentially. Call John Feroleto at 716-854-0700.

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    Watch: Julie’s Personal Injury Story

    Julie, a client of Feroleto Law, talks about her personal injury story and how John was able to help.