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Our winning record is testament to how we approach our cases. Our team listens to our clients, then builds a strategy that best suits the details of their case. We know when experts can help our client’s case and use them to review accident causes. Our compassionate attorneys leverage their skills, experience and knowledge to get results.

At Feroleto Law we put clients first.

Many of our clients become friends for life and we are grateful for that. We know how serious injuries turn their lives upside down. We work hard to get justice and fight for the full compensation they deserve. We are dedicated to doing all we can to bring our clients a victory that will help them move forward after their injury.


$10 Million

Worker injured by snapped steel cable

G. S. was at work in South Buffalo when a steel cable snapped and struck him. His injuries resulted in the loss of his legs and blindness. The defendants hired experts, claiming it was an unforeseeable accident. However, John Feroleto found and showed the defect in the machinery as well as earlier malfunctions which the company knew about and failed to fix. Proving the company’s negligence led to a settlement of over $10,000,000, one of the largest settlements in New York State at the time. John and G. S. remain good friends, which is a testament to how we truly care for our clients.

$5 Million

Construction worker injured in fall

R. W. was at work at a Buffalo construction site when he was directed to haul heavy pieces of equipment on a 10-inch-wide board 30 feet above ground. While trying to carry the heavy equipment R. W. slipped and fell off the narrow board. He suffered multiple fractures and traumatic brain injury. The defendants denied responsibility claiming it was the worker’s fault for slipping. John Feroleto showed there were violations of many basic construction site safety rules for providing safe working surfaces for those working at elevated heights. We proved the property owner failed to provide basic safety equipment required by the New York State Labor Law which would have prevented the fall. The case resulted in an over $5,000,000 settlement.

$3 Million

Van passenger injured and first offer was only $25,000

S. B. was a passenger in a van which rolled over in South Carolina during a trip to see family. The defendants claimed that details buried in fine print in a rental contract would limit the abount S. B. could recover to a maximum of $25,000. John Feroleto went to court and successfully showed the contract was invalid. As a result of this strategy, at the trial, the defendants increased the offer greatly to over $3,000,000. S. B. returned to school, seeking to obtain a high school GED graduation certificate. Mr. Feroleto was very happy and proud to attend S. B.’s GED graduation ceremony. They remain good friends.

$1 Million

Broken arm and infection that followed

B. G. was stopped at a red light when a dump truck hit the driver’s side door of her car. She had a broken arm that required surgery. The surgical site became infected and required extensive antibiotic treatment. The defendant argued B. G. had only a broken arm and the injury required little compensation. We examined all aspects of the medical record and found deterioration of kidney function at the time of the extensive antibiotic treatment. Our highly qualified expert found the decreased kidney function was directly caused by the antibiotic treatment.

After we provided this proof, the defendant understood that the compensation for B. G.’s injuries should be much more than what would cover a broken arm. As a result of the information our expert uncovered, the defendant increased the offer by a great amount. The case settled for over $1,000,000. As with so many of our clients, B. G. remains a good friend of the attorneys and paralegals at Feroleto Law.

$1 Million

Truck driver hit while waiting, parked on side of road

When his tractor-trailer developed mechanical problems. S. W. pulled his truck to the side of the road on the New York State Thruway, I-90. S.W. was waiting for help when another truck driver crashed into the rear of S. W.’s vehicle. As a result of his injuries, S. W. had cervical surgery. Mr. Feroleto was able to show the other driver was in violation of Federal Motor Carrier Administration safety rules. Proving this safety violation added to the value of the case and the settlement was over $1,000,000.

$1 Million

Utility worker injured when rear wheel came off truck

D. M. Was driving his utility company truck when the rear wheel came off which caused the truck to move violently. D. M. did everything he could to control the truck and prevent it from hitting other vehicles. He sustained shoulder and back injuries as he struggled to control the large utility truck. The defendants argued the forces of the movement of the truck were not significant enough to cause injury. Through discovery, John Feroleto showed a history of wheel problems with similar trucks. He also included input from the doctors who treated D. M. Those doctors showed the injury was the direct result of the wheel loss incident. By proving the cause of the accident, John Feroleto secured a victory that was over $1,000,000.

Other Successful Resolutions

$1.7 million, $1.2 million, $1.2 million, $1.1 million, $850 thousand, $800 thousand and more.

Attorneys TalkingThe above examples are some of the many victories we have obtained for our clients. Additional cases we won resulted in settlements well over $1,000,000.

We know accidents cause by negligent actions can result in life-changing injuries. We seek the highest settlement possible to ensure that those damages are fully compensated.

Confidential Amount

Woman freezes to death after utility cut off

On behalf of her family, our team successfully obtained a substantial settlement after L.C froze to death when her heating fuel was turned off by a utility. The settlement amount is confidential. John Feroleto showed the utility violated several Public Safety Commission Safety Standards in the utility’s failure to provide fuel to the elderly woman customer.

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