The NFTA recognized several professional bus drivers who served more than 30 years without an accident. As attorneys frequently deal with truck accidents and bus accident and recognize most drivers are professionals who do a fine job, sometimes under difficult circumstances. But it seems we don’t hear about the good drivers enough.

Two weeks ago, a good Samaritan jumped onto the Metro rail tracks in Buffalo, New York to try to save a passenger  who fell on to the tracks. the Metro rail operator took quick action, activating the emergency braking system and was able to stop the train and  prevent a tragedy.  The driver said he was “scared and sweaty” when he saw how close he came to the two men on the track.  The rail operator was also recognized. Hats off to those drivers who put safety first every day and are not recognized.

Western New York,  the Buffalo area and Niagara region  of New York is the home base of  the Niagara frontier transit authority, the NFTA.

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