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Disturbing Post, Bypass If You Prefer

Many families wrestle with the decision to call a nursing home attorney or personal injury attorney due to nursing home neglect or nursing home abuse of a loved one. What would you do? On September 21st, 2019, maggots were discovered in a resident’s wound at Premier Genesee Center Nursing and Rehabilitation located at 278 Bank Street in Batavia, in Genesee County,... CONTINUE READING

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You Have Been Directed to Appear For An Independent Medical Exam(IME): What You Need To Know

I am scheduled for an Independent Medical Examination (IME). What do I need to know?     When you have a personal injury lawsuit, you will likely be directed by the insurance company to appear for what is called an independent medical examination (IME). If you were involved in a New York State car crash you may be directed to appear for a New York no-fault I... CONTINUE READING

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Injured Workers Forced into Poverty While Corporate Profits Boom

Workers Compensation assures that when an employee is injured on the job, their employer is responsible for paying medical bills and enough wages to the injured worker to help them get by financially through their recovery. In exchange, the injured worker can not sue their employer for injuries. Worker's Compensation has been under fire; corporations and insurance companies have been pushing for... CONTINUE READING

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Lumber Liquidators Selling Formaldehyde in Floors

A Sunday night exposé of Lumber Liquidators by CBS 60 Minutes sent the company reeling. Many floors across Buffalo and Western New York are from Lumber Liquidators local stores. Long-term exposure to formaldehyde can cause chronic respiratory problems, change in the long function, increased risk of asthma and is believed by Doctors to be especially dangerous to children. Tests have shown formalde... CONTINUE READING

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Supplements full of fibs

As consumers we trust the corporations producing our foods, vitamins, and supplements.  It should be enough to read a label to know what is contained within a container. As personal injury attorneys in Buffalo, NY and as consumers we are extremely concerned about the mislabeling of food and food products.  Corporations must be held accountable when they mislead the public. T... CONTINUE READING

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Carbon Monoxide and generator winter safety

As we have seen here in Buffalo, NY and elsewhere in the U.S. this winter, winter storms can cause power outages. Power outages are dangerous especially when the temperature dips below freezing. The elderly and infants are especially susceptible to cold related injuries. Having a generator is a good part of a families emergency plan for power outages when heat is an absolute must. However, genera... CONTINUE READING

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Bus Crashes in New York State Must be Reduced

Bus crashes in New York keep happening at an alarming rate. As a personal injury attorney I see the same preventable losses occurring again and again. The scene was chaotic and confusing on Interstate 81 in New York near the Onondaga nationNedrow exit when first responders arrived . The Onondaga Sheriffs Department indicated a drunken driver left his car on I 81. A Trailways tour bus collided with... CONTINUE READING

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Takata Airbags, Dangerous Ignition Switches Injuries Shouldn’t Be Hidden

Honda Motor admitted it failed to report over 1,700 injury or death claims involving its cars in the United States. The admission reflects both widespread secrecy agreements demanded by defendants in injury cases and the inability of the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration(NHSTA) to monitor big manufacturers. Honda admitted this as a result of information disclosed by the invest... CONTINUE READING

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Christine Vogel Mentors Law Students

This past Monday, November 17, 2014 attorney Christine Vogel participated in an 8 minute mentoring program held at University at Buffalo Law School, SUNY. The program was sponsored by WBASNY (Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York) in connection with SUNY Buffalo Law School WSBL (Women of SUNY Buffalo Law). This event is set up using a speed dating for... CONTINUE READING

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Dangerous Grounds: Corporations avoinding overdue fines and avoiding work place safety

Last night NPR ran a story about coal mine safety violations and the workers who are injured or killed because of safety violations. While we do not see any coal... CONTINUE READING

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