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John Feroleto to discuss New York Labor Law

John Feroleto, Buffalo, NY trial attorney, was asked to present at the Decisions Seminar for the New York State Trial Lawyers Association being held at Templeton Landing in Buffalo, New York, tomorrow October 23, 2014... CONTINUE READING

Buffalo, NY Lawyer

Trick or Treat safety

Unfortunately, pedestrian being struck and seriously injured by cars is all too common. As a personal injury attorneys practicing in Buffalo, NY we have represented may people who were hurt while on foot by being hit by a car. Halloween is only 9 days away. Children (and adults) are excited to be dressed up and getting candy from their neighborhood. Trick-or-treaters often dash across the stree... CONTINUE READING

Buffalo, NY Lawyer

Fire Prevention Week – Winter Safety

October 5 - 11, 2014 is fire prevention week. As personal injury attorneys practicing in Buffalo, New York, we have seen the devastation home fires cause. The temperature is dropping and for many of us this was the first week that our heat kicked on in our homes. Home heating equipment is a leading cause of death in the U... CONTINUE READING

Buffalo, NY Lawyer

Cheerleaders – The overlooked athletes

Last week I discussed football safety and the importance of proper mouth guards to prevent concussion (brain injury). As a personal injury attorney in Buffalo, NY I see all too many cases involving traumatic brain injury. Some brain injuries can be prevented or minimized, such as sports related brain injuries. Let's not forget about making sure your cheerleader is safe. As a former high sc... CONTINUE READING

Buffalo, NY Lawyer

Beyond the Helmet – Preventing Concussions in Football

The Buffalo Bills are on a winning streak and our Facebook feeds are filled with our friend's children sporting their middle and high school football gear. Football season is here. Over the past decade concussions in high school aged football players have doubled according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.  Concussions are serious. Players should not be encou... CONTINUE READING

Buffalo, NY Lawyer

John Feroleto invited to speak at University of Buffalo program

John Feroleto was asked to present at an important University at Buffalo civil justice symposium October 7. Ken Feinman, the keynote speaker was appointed by attorney general John Ashcroft to be the special master of the September 11 victim compensation fund. He worked 33 months entirely pro bono, developing the regulat... CONTINUE READING

Buffalo, NY Lawyer

Johnson & Johnson unit ” marketing run amock”?

Did Johnson and Johnson's attempt to convince doctors that metal on metal hip implants were safe amount to "marketing run amok? J&J pushed its pinnacle  hip implants, promoting the devices to doctors, plaintiff's attorney Mark Lanier told jurors yesterday, also that the pinnacle hip implants suffered from design flaws, yet Johnson and Johnson assured doctors they worked "99.9% of the... CONTINUE READING

Buffalo, NY Lawyer

Upcoming 5K race to raise awareness about brain injuries

Headway of WNY provides support and advocacy for people with brain injuries, disabilities, and seniors. We are proud to again sponsor their "Walk, Run, & Wheel" Event ("Wheel" is for wheelchair) this Sunday, September 7, 2014. This is a 5K race to raise money and awareness for Headway and its services.... CONTINUE READING

Buffalo, NY Lawyer

Injuries at rental properties – Living off campus

Our firm has handled many cases involving tenants getting injured by defective conditions on and in property they are renting. This time of year, especially in college rich, Buffalo, NY many college students are coming to town and choosing off campus housing. Please have a discussion with your child about living off campus. They are young adults who may have limited funds but they are still e... CONTINUE READING

Buffalo, NY Lawyer

Recaro Recalls 39000 Child Safety Seats.

As a Buffalo and WNY injury attorney, I often come across products and cases dealing with child safety issues. These cases are of particular concern, as the product's intent was to keep our children safe. A recent example involves car seats for safety during travel produced by Recaro.... CONTINUE READING

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