untitledUnfortunately, pedestrian being struck and seriously injured by cars is all too common. As a personal injury attorneys practicing in Buffalo, NY we have represented may people who were hurt while on foot by being hit by a car.

Halloween is only 9 days away. Children (and adults) are excited to be dressed up and getting candy from their neighborhood. Trick-or-treaters often dash across the street to get to the next house. We all remember the mad dash to the house giving out the full sized snicker bars! Trick -or-treaters are at risk of getting hit by cars, or even bicycles.

Keep yourself, your children, and pets safe this Halloween.

For kids:

Teach your kids about looking both ways before crossing the street. They know this rule, but on Halloween little ones get excited and are amped up on sugar and may not remember this rule; Have your children carry glow sticks or flash lights, and affix reflective tape to their costumes. Glow sticks come as bracelets and necklaces now, leaving your little goblin’s hands free; Masks should not interfere with breathing or vision; Costumes should be fire proof or fire retardant to prevent your little vampire’s cape or little bride’s veil from catching flame from jack-o-lanterns lit with candles.


For pets:

Keep your pets away from Halloween candy; If you dress your pooch or cat up, give them a “test run” in the costume, make sure they can breath, see and are not in distress; Keep your pets inside during mischief night and Halloween night.


For grown ups:

If you are having a party where alcohol will be served,  make sure all your guests have a designated driver; If you have spooky lawn decorations, be sure they do not cause a tripping hazard to guests or trick-or-treaters; Make sure you know where your children will be and make sure they have an adult with them.

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