untitledThe Buffalo Bills are on a winning streak and our Facebook feeds are filled with our friend’s children sporting their middle and high school football gear. Football season is here.

Over the past decade concussions in high school aged football players have doubled according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.  Concussions are serious. Players should not be encouraged to just “shake it off.” A concussion is a traumatic brain injury caused by a blow or bump to the head or body. They change the way the brain works.

While no protective equipment can fully prevent concussions or other injuries, it is critical to have high rated helmets. And just as important, are mouth guards. Mouth guards don’t just protect the teeth, they help absorb hits to the chin, thus minimizing the vibration in teeth, jaw bones and skull thus jarring the brain. Over the counter mouth guards are best avoided, fitted, laminated mouth guards are best.

Please make sure your football players are protected, and learn what a concussion may look like including your player having a headache, loosing consciousness, feeling foggy or dizzy, and vomiting are but a few examples.  A concussion means the brain has been injured and must be taken seriously.

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