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Construction Workers Deserve Safe Job Sites

Construction workers routinely face significant dangers on the job. Because the worksites are so dangerous, New York State has provided minimum safety requirements that property owners, general contractors, subcontractors and others must comply with to prevent or reduce unnecessary injuries. Our construction workers deal with significant dangers every day at the job site. They work with big mac... CONTINUE READING

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John Feroleto Teaches on Construction Site Accidents.

September 29, John Feroleto instructed a large crowd of Western New York attorneys on the topic of construction site accidents. John was asked by the New York State Trial Lawyers Association to present at Decisions 2016, which is consistently ranked among the best continuing legal educat... CONTINUE READING

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A Call to Safeguard Workers

The Western New York Council on Occupational Safety and Health, “WNYCOSH”, an independent not-for-profit safety group issued a report January 25, 2016, providing that the Scaffold Law, Labor Law Section 240 is essential to protect construction workers. As a son of a construction worker, I feel strongly that work sites should be safe. As a personal injury attorney, who has represented many cons... CONTINUE READING

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Injured Workers Forced into Poverty While Corporate Profits Boom

Workers Compensation assures that when an employee is injured on the job, their employer is responsible for paying medical bills and enough wages to the injured worker to help them get by financially through their recovery. In exchange, the injured worker can not sue their employer for injuries. Worker's Compensation has been under fire; corporations and insurance companies have been pushing for... CONTINUE READING

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Dangerous Grounds: Corporations avoinding overdue fines and avoiding work place safety

Last night NPR ran a story about coal mine safety violations and the workers who are injured or killed because of safety violations. While we do not see any coal... CONTINUE READING

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John Feroleto to discuss New York Labor Law

John Feroleto, Buffalo, NY trial attorney, was asked to present at the Decisions Seminar for the New York State Trial Lawyers Association being held at Templeton Landing in Buffalo, New York, tomorrow October 23, 2014... CONTINUE READING

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