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From a Brain Injury Lawyer-Concussions Are Brain Injuries Often Misunderstood

Concussions Concussions occur as a result of excessive force to the brain within the skull. Some people believe you need to have contact of the head with a hard object to have a concussion. However, a concussion or brain injury can occur without the head contacting any hard object. An example is shaken baby syndrome... CONTINUE READING

Buffalo, NY Lawyer

Brain Injured has Big Win Against Recalcitrant Insurance Company

After a Thruway crash, a major insurance company refused to acknowledge a mild traumatic brain injury widely recognized among treating healthcare providers. Gary Moss is an active, generous and giving man. As manager of a carpet store, he sometimes worked 60 hours per week, enjoyed managing and training salespeople, resolving customer concerns and is very active in his community. Most important t... CONTINUE READING

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You Don’t Need Significant Impact to Have Traumatic Brain Injury- Helpful Information

As a personal injury attorney, I have often been concerned about the lack of diagnosis and treatment of traumatic brain injury (TBI) in injured people I represent. Fortunately, we have come to a time when there is more awareness and understanding of the need for medical professionals to address brain injuries. This awareness it is in part of recognition by the NFL of the brain injuries sustained b... CONTINUE READING

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