imagesCAZXB0L4Last week I discussed football safety and the importance of proper mouth guards to prevent concussion (brain injury). As a personal injury attorney in Buffalo, NY I see all too many cases involving traumatic brain injury. Some brain injuries can be prevented or minimized, such as sports related brain injuries.

Let’s not forget about making sure your cheerleader is safe. As a former high school cheerleader I know the sport is far beyond pompom shaking and cheering. This sport involves stunts preformed from heights, being tossed into the air, and various stunts requiring strength, coordination and flexibility.

Many cheerleaders practice with no or inadequate mats. We would not allow out football players to practice without their helmets, we certainly should not allow our cheerleaders to practice on bare gym floors. The risk of spine and brain injury is tremendous.

Safe cheerleading requires, in part: qualified coaches; training cheerleaders how to spot each other; proper padded surfaces; and proper shoes.

Enjoy the games, cheer on, be safe, and fly high ladies.


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