A Sunday night exposé of Lumber Liquidators by CBS 60 Minutes sent the company reeling. Many floors across Buffalo and Western New York are from Lumber Liquidators local stores. Long-term exposure to formaldehyde can cause chronic respiratory problems, change in the long function, increased risk of asthma and is believed by Doctors to be especially dangerous to children. Tests have shown formaldehyde levels in the company’s concert flooring to be many,sometimes 30 times higher than the California allowable limits of formaldehyde content. A number of homeowners have brought lawsuits for the cost of replacement of the flooring.

Formaldehyde is a dangerous product.

The CBS investigators talked to manufacturers in China who openly stated the formaldehyde levels were higher than the California standards, and despite this, the labeling on the lumbar liquidator boxes indicated compliance with the safety standard. If you have a composite woods floor, You should check to see whether it was purchased from lumbar liquidators, and if so, try to identify the product and lot number. It may be on an invoice to you kept for tax purposes.

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