A truck accident is not just a big car accident case.  It is an essential starting point for a lawyer with a truck accident case.

State and federal safety laws apply to truck accidents that do not apply to a car accident.  A lawyer should be familiar with good experts.  Special expertise is important for issues ranging from proper driver training, driver supervision, truck crash dynamics, to events proceeding and leading to the truck crash.

Feroleto Law provides much information to help other New York lawyers when handling a truck accident case.

Truck Accident Investigation

Go to the scene with your expert soon if possible.  There is often valuable information which is missed.  Debris, skid marks, yew marks, or other important evidence will not be preserved.  Vehicles may be destroyed or repaired.  Often police photos do not contain enough detail of damage to the vehicles or environment.

You Can Get Pre Lawsuit Discovery In New York Truck Accident Cases To Identify and Preserve Evidence

Under New York law you can get a court order to preserve evidence and indentify necessary parties even before a lawsuit is brought.  When necessary you should do so as soon as possible.

Find All Insurance Coverage

In a truck accident that causes serious injury or death, the amount of insurance coverage too often becomes an issue.  There may be additional insurance available that is not obvious.  Depending on the situation the tractor, the trailer, the shipping company or others may have applicable insurance.  Also, there may be layers of insurance you are unaware of.

New York Truck Accident Discovery.

Thorough discovery can make the difference between winning and losing a New York truck accident case.  Much can be determined by review of documents such as log books, bills of lading, gas receipts, cell phone records, information from electronic on-board recorders, black boxes and more.  There are likely internal reports of accident.  Often these reports are different than what is described at a deposition.

The deposition of the truck driver is more than discussing the truck crash.  It is important to identify what other information, documents or evidence exist or may have been disposed of.

Talk To An Expert Early

Injury lawyers sometimes hire an expert shortly before trial.  However, for a truck accident case talk to an expert as soon as possible.  Top experts can tell you what you need to look for from driver training, management, vehicle issues, environmental issues, causation and more.

If An Insurance Or Trucking Company Offers To Admit Liability- BEWARE- it may be trying to hide very damaging information, such as fatigue due to violation hours of service safety laws, drug use or other aggravated liability which tend to increase the value of the case.

The truck accident attorneys at Feroleto Law can discuss issues involving liability damages and insurance coverage with you.  To confidentially discuss your case with no obligations complete our contact form or call John Feroleto at 716-854-0700.

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