In the United States, the transportation industry relies heavily on the nearly 14 million registered commercial trucks to transport approximately 11 billion tons of freight in 2022.  To achieve this, many semi-trucks and trailers are carrying the current maximum load weight of 80,000 pounds. This creates a huge weight difference between cars and trucks.

This huge difference in weight between cars and trucks carries significant implications.  The two types of vehicles handle very differently on the road. Failing to recognize the differences can cause huge risks of being involved in a catastrophic truck accident.

What Is the Weight of a Semi-Truck and How Does It Impact Truck Accidents On New York Roadways?

Comparing passenger car weights to that of trucks helps us understand the vast difference in size.

Weights of Passenger Cars:  Small compact cars can weigh as little as 2,500 pounds. Midsize vehicles typically weigh around 3,000 pounds. SUVs and pickup trucks can weigh around 4,000 pounds.

Weights of Semi-Trucks:  Semi-truck weights vary based on whether they are connected to a trailer. Without a trailer, a semi-truck (a.k.a. tractor) can weigh between 10,000 to 25,000 pounds depending on the truck’s size and engine. A trailer can weigh up to 35,000 pounds depending on its load. Federal law currently states that a loaded tractor-trailer cannot exceed 80,000 pounds.

Effects of Truck Weight on Driving Behavior


The substantial weight of a truck leads to significant handling consequences such as:

  • Longer acceleration time;
  • Greater power needed to move from a standstill;
  • Increased stopping time and distance compared to passenger vehicles;
  • A higher profile, making it more susceptible to tipping in high winds or on sharp turns;
  • Reduced visibility and much larger blind spots, especially when pulling a trailer;
  • Decreased control during weather conditions.

For these reasons, it is essential to keep proper distance between trucks and passenger vehicles and exercise extra caution during heavy traffic or weather conditions. Ensuring safety around trucks demands vigilance from everyone on the road. By understanding the size and weight differences between cars and trucks, we can work towards reducing accident rates in New York, on the New York State Thruway (I-90, I-190), and around the Country. If you’re in an accident, consulting with a Buffalo car accident lawyer can provide the necessary guidance and support for navigating the complexities of such incidents.

The weight of a truck plays a critical role in the extent of damage it can cause to other vehicles in a collision. The severity of a truck accident and resulting injuries is directly proportional to its energy at the moment of impact.  “Even at low speeds, a truck accident can be catastrophic. If you or a loved one has experienced a truck accident-related back injury in Buffalo, NY, it’s crucial to seek legal assistance from an experienced back injury lawyer in Buffalo, NY. For those affected who are affected with motorcycle accident consulting a Buffalo motorcycle accident lawyer can be crucial in understanding legal rights and potential compensation.”

Navigating the complex legal landscape following a truck accident requires a deep understanding of the law, which can be intricate. An experienced Buffalo truck accident attorney can help victims and their families interpret and apply these laws to their advantage. Feroleto Law provides invaluable support and guidance during the challenging and emotional time after an accident, offering a sense of reassurance and a path to justice. We are essential advocates for you.

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