The New York State Thruway between Buffalo, in Erie County and Ripley in Chautauqua County, near the Pennsylvania state border remains closed this morning. As a truck accident attorney I am happy about this because the closing was a very good safety measure. Big rigs, particularly empty ones can be difficult to operate in poor conditions and the trailers can be blown over if empty in the windy conditions that exist currently.

Often truck drivers  are pressured by management to get the loads  to destination by certain  day  and time.  It’s easy for management or dispatch sitting in a different city to not understand the difficulty  in operating a tractor-trailer  when there is very poor visibility which can happen almost instantly  in the  lake effect  bands which  occur off Lake Erie and Lake Ontario  in upstate New York very often in the vicinity  of Dunkirk , Angola, and surrounding areas  and also in Erie County, near Hamburg and Lackawanna and  Genesee County surrounding Batavia, New York.  If you do have to drive, drive safe.

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