This year my neighbor has done an amazing job decorating her porch for the summer.  Furniture, hanging plants, and as of last night, string lights.  It looks beautiful, comfortable and festive.  I just called her to alert her about this recall, thankfully she bought different lights but it goes to show that just because something is in a store, available for purchase does not mean it is a safe product. Imagine decorating your home only to have it burn down to no fault of your own but due to a defective and dangerous product.  Sounds a bit paranoid, but sadly it can and does happen.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission just announced a recall of string lights.  These multi colored lights were sold at Family Dollar stores from September 2011 – December 2011.  The lights do not meet the UL standard and pose a risk of fire and shock.  Please compare the string light you have at home to the ones depicted in the link above and if you own any of the recalled lights stop using them immediately and return them to Family Dollar for a refund.


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