The Buffalo News reported today that “Gov. David A. Paterson unveiled a major initiative Thursday that would make Buffalo the initial focus of a statewide effort to end the spiraling nature of vacant housing”. It was also reported that Housing Secretary Shaun Donovan will visit Buffalo today regarding a similar project proposed by Sen. Charles E. Schumer and Rep. Brian Higgins of Buffalo.

It was also reported that Sen. Charles E. Schumer and Rep. Brian Higgins of Buffalo are sponsoring federal legislation that would set aside $400 million over three years to address the vacant-housing crisis and create 30 pilot projects in places like Buffalo. “The emphasis would be on housing rehabilitation and other green-friendly reuses of abandoned property, including community gardens and urban farming….[this] will include an emphasis on creating good-quality jobs as part of its investment in the neighborhood.” These measures will include funding to demolish and rehabilitate old houses.