Gov. Cuomo’s budget included a little noticed provision which will change the way bus safety inspections occur. This follows a year of many deaths and horrific injuries to passengers in New York State bus crashes.

Now, bus companies with the worst safety records will see a greater number of bus inspections. All buses will be inspected at least twice per year. This will improve the state’s ability to crack down on the most dangerous bus companies according to Gov. Cuomo. The governor suspended the licenses of eight bus companies in July, 2011 because they repeatedly failed basic safety inspections.

New York bus crashes last year including March 12 crash which killed 15 people outside New York City, and the bus crash southeast of Rochester which killed a truck driver and injured bus passengers.  It is absolutely the job of a bus company’s management to see that it’s business is run safely and without jeopardizing the lives of its passengers and other users of our roads.



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