untitledDove Chocolate has announced a recall.  The company is recalling its Dark Chocolate Covered Fruit Box Collection.  At issue is item #3265D, with lot code #317DAIDS01.

These chocolates are mislabeled and may contain nuts.  For some this can cause a life threatening reaction.

If you have a box of this candy, please call 1-800-627-7852 for refund or replacement.

Nut allergies were never on my radar.  However, I recently met a wonderful, energetic, 5 year old girl.  Her nut allergies were discovered after having a serious and dangerous reaction early in life.  I have come to see how important proper labeling is.  Improper labeling concerns me as a personal injury attorney who has seen people become injured due to dangerous products, but also concerns me on a personal level.  As a consumer I need to know if I can give my five year old friend a special chocolate treat or not.  It is frightening to think that mislabeling could cause a serious emergency.

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