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Another Buffalo Nursing Home Fined. Insufficient Staffing Is Dangerous For Patients

Another Buffalo nursing home was fined. It was cited for staffing deficiencies. As much as you may not want to do it, sometimes you need to call a Buffalo nursing home attorney. Sapphire Rehabilitation of Southtowns, located in Buffalo New York, was fined for its deficiency. However, the maximum fine set by the New York State Health Department for this deficiency is o... CONTINUE READING

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Disturbing Post, Bypass If You Prefer

Many families wrestle with the decision to call a nursing home attorney or personal injury attorney due to nursing home neglect or nursing home abuse of a loved one. What would you do? On September 21st, 2019, maggots were discovered in a resident’s wound at Premier Genesee Center Nursing and Rehabilitation located at 278 Bank Street in Batavia, in Genesee County,... CONTINUE READING

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Winter Driving Safety Tips for Upstate New York

Every winter we see the same errors that cause car and truck crashes. Maybe we are more aware as Buffalo, New York personal injury attorneys we regularly get called on  by people with serious personal injuries suffered in truck and car accidents through no fault of their own. It seems like some drivers hav... CONTINUE READING

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Nursing home fined, another closed, patients transferred to lowest rated facility

Kaleida Health will be paying a $500,000 penalty in a case brought by the New York State Attorney General's office for care provided at its HighPointe facility in Buffalo. The settlement involved two matters; one where a patient died while choking on liquefied food. The allegation was that none of the nursing home staff was properly watching a toddler while being fed liquefied food through a feedi... CONTINUE READING

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You Have Been Directed to Appear For An Independent Medical Exam(IME): What You Need To Know

I am scheduled for an Independent Medical Examination (IME). What do I need to know?     When you have a personal injury lawsuit, you will likely be directed by the insurance company to appear for what is called an independent medical examination (IME). If you were involved in a New York State car crash you may be directed to appear for a New York no-fault I... CONTINUE READING

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Governor Cuomo Addresses Penalizing Dangerous Tractor Trailer Operators

Governor Andrew Cuomo was in Buffalo addressing the Western New York blizzard of last week and associated dangerous road conditions. Governor Cuomo discussed the ban on buses and tractor trailers on major state highways, such as the I-90, New York State Thruway.  After tractor-trailers contributed to a large pileup on I-90 he described truckers viola... CONTINUE READING

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Construction Workers Deserve Safe Job Sites

Construction workers routinely face significant dangers on the job. Because the worksites are so dangerous, New York State has provided minimum safety requirements that property owners, general contractors, subcontractors and others must comply with to prevent or reduce unnecessary injuries. Our construction workers deal with significant dangers every day at the job site. They work with big mac... CONTINUE READING

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Motorcycle Accidents, Hazards and Insurance in New York

In Buffalo and Western New York we have short summers and a limited amount of time to enjoy riding a motorcycle. Far too many motorcycle crashes occur when the motorcycle operator is using caution and obeying all traffic laws. Even though the motorcycle operator may be using extreme caution and driving defensive, there are still many motorcycle crashes in a short period of time in Western New York... CONTINUE READING

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Another Patient Has a Violent Death at Emerald South Nursing Home

At 6 a.m. on June 4, 2018, Buffalo Police received a 911 call from an employee of the Emerald South Nursing Home who found an 87-year-old resident of the nursing home, lying in the parking lot, as she was coming into work. the patient sought to attempted to escape the nursing home by tying clothes and bed sheets together. He then tried to climb out of his third floor window when he plummeted 34 fe... CONTINUE READING

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How Safe Is Your Family On The Road?

You likely have heard of the horrific schoolbus/dump truck crash which occurred on the New Jersey Turnpike near Newark last week. What you may not know is the extensive history of dangerous safety violations of the companies and driver involved. Please think of your family and loved ones as you read this. As a personal injury attorney, I routinely see automobile drivers doing everything right,... CONTINUE READING

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