Children Toys Injury

Children’s Toys

Children’s safety should be the top priority in designing children’s toys. Unfortunately, some corporations place more importance on profits than on the safety of children. Examples are the millions of contaminated toys with excessive levels of lead and heavy metals which can cause brain injury and neurological damage to young children.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued recalls for millions of dangerous children’s toys, but manufacturers still keep selling them.

Some corporations sell dangerous toys with known hazards to children.  These include:

  • Toys with parts of the size known to be choking hazards to infants;
  • Children’s products with pinching hazards which may cause cuts, fractures or amputation;
  • Poorly made toys which may easily break causing jagged edges or other dangers while in use;
  • Toys, kitchenware and drinking glasses made with substances known to be harmful to children such as lead;
  • Clothing such as pajamas made with highly flammable materials;
  • Cribs with a dangerous design causing injury or death of children.

If a corporation sells products with known defects and those defects cause injury or death to a child, the corporation should be held accountable.

If your child has been injured by a dangerous toy or children’s product you believe is defective, call us.  We have the experience to hold those accountable for the defective toys and products they produce.  Call the defective product attorneys at Feroleto Law for help with your child’s injury at (716) 854-0700 or contact us today.