Bone Fracture


When people talk of broken bones they are usually referring to fractures.  The fact is there are many types of fractures, some resolve uneventfully and some can cause further disability and injury over time.

At Feroleto Law we understand fractures and how to deal with insurance companies and protecting our clients and securing maximum recovery based on the type of injury.

  •  A fracture is defined as a “serious injury” under New York State no-fault law. This allows an injured individual to sue an at-fault party.
  •  Some fractures are not disabling, others can be incredibly painful, require surgical intervention, and result in permanent loss of use or restrictions.
  •  A fracture, such as an intra-articular fracture, is a fracture in a moving joint. An intra-articular fracture often causes future degenerative changes and arthritis and sometimes requires the entire joint to be replaced.

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