Child Burn Injuries Caused by Negligence

Between 2013 – 2017 there were approximately 377,000 scald burns requiring hospital care, with 78,526 scald burns occurring in children four years of age or younger. Scald burns range from first degree to third degree burns and are often excruciatingly painful, disfiguring, and sometimes cause death. Scalds are just one of many ways an infant or child can suffer life altering and lifelong burn injuries.

Child burn injuries caused by negligence can leave children with physical and emotional scars that last a lifetime. Infants or children who suffer such devastating harm due to the negligence of another person or company deserve justice. This is why it’s important to talk to a Buffalo burn injury lawyer familiar with child burn injuries. They understand the unique challenges these cases present and can fight to recover the compensation your child needs for medical care, long-term needs, and emotional suffering.

A child burn injury attorney can help you understand what you need to do about insurance companies, qualified pediatric burn injury doctors, hospitals and other topics you may not have yet considered.

The financial damages associated with burn injuries are extensive. Many parents and guardians face time away from their jobs, resulting in lost income. New York state allows victims of negligence to pursue compensation from those liable for their harm. At Feroleto Law, we have dealt with children’s burn injuries, and have worked with pediatric burn injury specialists, including those who will show future costs for medical treatment, skin grafts and revision surgeries. If your child suffered burns, he or she may be able to be treated at O’Shei  Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, New York. If the injuries are severe, your child may need burn treatment at Shriners Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati Ohio, or other pediatric burn centers.

A child burn injury lawyer in Buffalo may be able to help you pursue compensation and justice for your infant or child. In addition, a free case consultation allows you to learn more about the civil process. We can discuss with you the potential for a personal injury settlement or the need to bring a lawsuit for the harms to your child.

Child Burn Injuries Caused by Negligence

Infants and children rely upon adults to keep them safe. A life-changing burn injury can occur in seconds due to poor supervision, a reckless accident, or unsafe products.

The following are just a few examples of how negligence can result in severe burn injuries for infants and children:

  • Car accidents caused by drunk, distracted, or otherwise reckless drivers
  • Scalding water in cooking or baths
  • Burns in restaurants or daycare facilities
  • Unsafe and dangerous electrical outlets or cords
  • Faulty products such as flammable pajamas from a manufacturer

A daycare provider, hotel, company, providers of dangerous hot water systems, those who expose children to hazardous chemicals, or drunk drivers can expose your infant or child to burns. In some instances, criminal charges may result, such as child abuse or drunk driving. However, regardless of the criminal trial outcome, parents and guardians may still pursue civil action for their damages.

Pursuing compensation in a civil claim or lawsuit requires a strong knowledge of New York laws along with safety regulations and rules which protect children from burns and scarring. Different regulations apply for different dangerous circumstances. Insurance companies are a critical factor in determining the outcome of your case. Only a skilled Buffalo child and infant burn injury lawyer can best manage the details and the insurance companies.

The High Cost of Child and Infant Burn Injuries

Infants and young children are at risk for severe harm from burns due to their thin skin. In addition, depending upon the severity of their burn, they may face a lengthy recovery period.

Some health care providers describe three classifications of burns:

  • First-degree: affects the outer (epidermis) layer of the skin; long-term tissue damage is rare
  • Second-degree: affects the outer layer (epidermis) and part of the second layer (dermis) layer of skin, leaving skin red and often swollen and painful
  • Third-degree: destroys the epidermis and dermis layers of skin, damages nerve endings, and can affect bone, muscle, and tendons

Skin grafts, plastic surgery, and physical and emotional therapies are part of a burn victim’s medical costs. These and other medical care needs can continue long after your child’s discharge from the burn or trauma center.

Care at a specialized burn facility may require extensive time away from home and jobs for parents and guardians. As a result, the financial impact is immediate and long-lasting for most burn victim families.

If your infant or child suffered preventable burns due to the negligence of another person or company, seek help from a child burn injury lawyer in Buffalo today.

Why Choose Feroleto Law for Your Burn Injury Case?

At Feroleto Law, we stand up to insurance companies and fight for what our clients deserve. To do so, we prepare each case by identifying the liable parties and gathering evidence. Then, we stand ready to present each case in court, although most civil cases settle without going to trial.

An infant or child with a severe burn injury needs their loved ones by their side. A trauma or burn center is a frightening and unfamiliar place for young ones. Remaining with them and advocating for the best care possible is a better use of your time.

Your lawyer can help you deal with the responsibility of your case. Placing your case in qualified, professional hands can give you much-needed peace of mind.

Infant and child burn injuries can forever impact your child’s life.  If a negligent person or company is responsible for your child’s trauma, contact a Buffalo child burn injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Our results. Our results include recoveries where the child will benefit with more than $1 million to provide for future medical expenses, an education fund, and stability for the remainder of child’s life. Working with the parents to consider a structure or payout that will most help the child over the course of the child’s life is a consideration that you and your attorney can work through together.

How We Help Infant and Child Burn Injury Victims

Our familiarity with New York civil laws and court deadlines helps us help victims during this most challenging time. Our familiarity with burn injury experts to support your child’s case helps us win. We work hard to build a strong case and to do so in a timely manner.

We protect accident victims from aggressive insurance companies who pressure victims to accept less than they deserve. If you are dealing with repeated phone calls, visits, and other communication from an insurance adjuster, an attorney can protect you.

Hiring a Buffalo infant and child burn injury attorney protects your best interests. Protect your right to potential compensation by scheduling a free case consultation today.

Child and Infant Burn Injuries: FAQs

A Buffalo personal injury attorney answers frequently asked questions regarding child and infant burn injury claims and lawsuits:

What happens if I settle my case without an attorney?

If you settle with an insurance company alone, you cannot sue them later. Severe burns require extensive treatment, making it crucial that you fight for a fair settlement now, with help from an attorney.

How long does an infant and child burn injury case take?

Each case is different. The length of your case depends upon the circumstances of your child’s accident. While your financial needs may be urgent, victims should never accept less than they deserve.

Are there ways I can help my child’s burn injury case?

You can help your case by providing your attorney with as much information and documentation as possible.

Can I afford to hire an infant and child burn injury attorney?

With Feroleto Law, there are no legal fees if we do not win your case. Combined with our free case consultation, hiring us costs you nothing. We only collect our legal fees if we secure compensation for you.

Get your legal questions answered by contacting Feroleto Law today for your free case consultation.

Infant and Child Burn Injuries and Wrongful Death

Severe burns are sometimes more than an infant or young child’s body can tolerate. The loss of your child due to negligence is heartbreaking.

No amount of compensation can replace your loss. It can, however, ease the financial stress accompanying an unexpected death.

A New York wrongful death attorney can fight for compensation relating to the following types of damages:

  • Medical costs relating to your child’s final care
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Lost income due to your time missed from work
  • Pain and suffering due to the mental heartbreak of losing your child.

Like personal injury cases, wrongful death cases tend to settle out of court. Unlike personal injury cases, wrongful death cases have a two-year statute of limitations.

Each wrongful death case is different, and the outcome of your case is impossible to predict. However, losing an infant or child due to negligence demands a vigorous pursuit of the best outcome possible.

If you lost your child due to severe burn injuries caused by negligence, contact Feroleto Law today. Your fog of grief and mourning is no time to try to manage the details of your case alone. We will keep you informed and treat you with compassion throughout the legal process.

Feroleto Law: Your New York Infant and Child Burn Injury Lawyers

Fighting for the Rights of Burn Injury Victims

No innocent infant or child should suffer harm from scalding hot water, unsafe electrical exposure, a car accident, or flammable pajamas. However, accountability is a must when an adult or company fails to keep a child safe from harm.

A traumatic burn injury is emotionally difficult for the child and their parents or guardians. The experience can leave you shocked, confused, and overwhelmed. Learning that the accident resulted from negligence is additionally upsetting.

You do not have to face your pursuit of compensation and accountability alone. An attorney from Feroleto Law can help you by managing the details of your case.

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