Entrusting your child to the care of others is a challenging task. Even with careful research, one teacher or facility may cause your child to suffer severe daycare injuries.

Whether you can pursue legal action depends upon how the injury occurred. Civil claims and lawsuits center around the core element of negligence. A daycare injury case is about more than a typical playground fall.

If your child experienced a severe injury due to harm or neglect, a Buffalo daycare injury lawyer may be able to help you. A free case consultation provides you and a lawyer with the opportunity to learn if you have a case and, if so, how to move forward with civil action.

Daycare Injuries Caused by Negligence

Staffing Issues and Unsafe Conditions Result in the Most Harm

It is not uncommon for children to obtain a bump or bruise as they play with others. What is not common and unacceptable is when bumps and bruises relate to abuse or neglect.

The New York Office of Children and Family Services oversees childcare settings throughout the state. The Division of Childcare Services outlines the rules and regulations for various daycare settings — from in-home services to more extensive, established facilities.

Daycares must provide safe and nurturing environments. Negligence resulting in injuries typically relates to one of two causes: staff or conditions.

Examples of negligent daycare staff actions include:

  • Physical abuse: strikes, pushes, or uses other force that physically harms a child.
  • Sexual abuse: Inappropriate touching or other physical interaction with a child.
  • Neglect: Withholding food or medicine or actions that reflect a lack of care.

Some daycare injuries caused by negligence also result in criminal charges. However, because criminal and civil laws differ, you may still pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party.

Examples of negligence relating to unsafe daycare conditions:

  • Unsafe playground equipment: injuries that result from known unsafe playground equipment that is neither repaired nor replaced.
  • Unsecured playground environment: failed safety measures such as gate locks and closures that result in a parking lot or street access.
  • Unprotected kitchen facilities: Low cabinet access to kitchen knives or too hot stoves or water, resulting in cuts or burns.

Contact us if your child suffered harm due to an unsafe environment or a negligent employee. Feroleto Law will investigate to learn more about how your child’s injuries occurred. We will then identify all parties liable for your child’s harm.

Why Choose Feroleto Law?

At Feroleto Law, our team understands the challenges parents face when finding quality childcare. We also understand New York law as it applies to negligence and personal injury.

For more than 40 years, we have helped clients by negotiating with insurance companies and, in some cases, going to trial. Quality customer service for our clients is a top priority. We are here to serve you during what is a most challenging time.

No family should pay out-of-pocket for expenses that result due to someone else’s negligence.

Caring for your child, missing work time, and searching for a new facility can consume your time. A Buffalo daycare injury attorney from our team can manage your case. They will put their skills, experience, and legal knowledge to work for you.

Our clients are always aware of the status of their cases. We provide timely updates and work hard to ensure we leave you with your questions answered.

We stand behind our motto of clients first. Our commitment to Buffalo families and those throughout the state is evident in our case results. While no one case is alike, we do not back down from any insurance company seeking to underpay or deny claims.

Settling for less than you deserve is not a fair option. Instead, contact Feroleto Law and let us protect your best interests and your child’s. Compensation is never promised. However, it is worth fighting for with our help.

New York daycares should provide safe and loving environments for children. Contact us if your child suffered harm due to a violent employee or poor conditions. Feroleto Law will fight for the best possible outcome for your case.

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How We Help Victims of Daycare Negligence

We Handle the Intricate Details of Your Legal Case

We investigate the cause of your child’s injuries. We interview witnesses and review injury photos and medical records to do so. Witnesses may include daycare staff, other parents, vendors, or anyone who interacts consistently with the facility.

We will call a medical expert to assist with your case if necessary.

We manage all paperwork associated with a civil case. This includes filing your civil lawsuit with the court, conducting discovery and depositions.  We try to firmly negotiate with an insurance company for a fair settlement, but if they refuse to take responsibility, we will be ready to go to court.

Your attorney will determine if taking your case to trial is the right option. If so, they will prepare you for what to expect before a judge and jury.

Daycare negligence resulting in severe injuries can forever change your child’s life. Their trust, along with yours, is often shattered. If this happened to you, get help from Feroleto Law as soon as possible.

Daycare Injuries FAQs

A Buffalo personal injury lawyer answers frequently asked questions regarding daycare injury claims and lawsuits:

What Should I Do If I Suspect My Child Was Abused at Daycare?

First, seek immediate medical attention. Next, report the abuse to the administrator, state, and local authorities. Then contact Feroleto Law to learn if you have grounds for a civil case.

What If the Daycare Provider Denies the Abuse?

Once you hire a daycare injury lawyer, leave communication with the daycare and their insurer to your lawyer. Possible tools that may uncover what occurred are cameras and eyewitnesses.

Can I Settle My Case with the Daycare Provider Without a Lawyer?

If the daycare or their insurance company pressures you to accept a settlement, sign nothing until you speak with an attorney first. It is the best way to protect your interests.

What Types of Damages May I Include in My Daycare Injury Lawsuit?

Your damages may include current and ongoing medical costs, monetary damages for your child’s pain & suffering and potentially even damages for future losses such as earning capacity.

How Much Does a New York Daycare Injury Lawyer Cost?

Feroleto Law has a no-fee guarantee. You do not owe us compensation if we do not win your case.

How Soon Do I Have to Make a Decision Regarding a Daycare Injury Lawsuit?

New York law allows three years for personal injury lawsuits and two years for cases involving wrongful death. If you fail to file your lawsuit within the statute of limitations, you may miss your chance for legal action forever. Therefore, it is best if you act now.

A free case consultation is the first step toward learning more about your legal options. Get your legal questions answered by contacting Feroleto Law today for your free case consultation.

New York Daycare Injuries and Wrongful Death

The loss of your child due to their daycare provider is something that compensation cannot fix. However, if successful, it can hold the responsible person accountable and ease your financial stress.

Wrongful death attorneys fight for compensation regarding:

  • Medical bills from life-saving efforts for your child.
  • Funeral costs, service expenses, and burial.
  • Lost wages due to your time advocating for your child.
  • Pain and suffering for your child.

If you dropped your child off at daycare, only to learn of their death later that day, daycare wrongful death lawyers can help you. Likewise, if your child lingered, only to die from their injuries later, the same lawyers can help you pursue justice.

Wrongful death cases, especially those involving children, are highly emotional and complex. However, by securing the services of a daycare wrongful death attorney in Buffalo, you are on the right path toward the best possible outcome of your case.

Feroleto Law: Helping Victims of Daycare Harm Pursue Justice

Protecting the Rights of New York Children

Parents serve as the best advocates for their children. While being with them 24/7 with work and other demands is impossible, a quality childcare provider can fill the void. In addition, socialization with other children helps all children grow and learn.

If you received an emergency call from your childcare provider regarding the health and well-being of your child, or you notice signs of neglect, take action. There is no excuse for negligence when it comes to caring for young children.

The legal process is often slow and complicated. It is too daunting of a task to manage alone. Yet, fighting for what your child deserves is crucial to protecting future medical needs relating to their injuries.

Severe injuries and harm generally require a lengthy recovery process. Get the help you need by starting your civil journey today. A free case consultation can help you better understand the civil process and how a lawyer may be able to help you.

If your child suffered injuries, neglect, or died at the hands of their daycare provider, contact us. Feroleto Law wants to help parents who seek to take legal action. We will stand up for you against those liable for your child’s harm.

Call now for your free New York daycare injury or wrongful death free case evaluation: 716-854-0700.

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