Cheektowaga, a town in Erie County, New York has a population of approximately 88,226 residents. In 2014 Cheektowaga celebrates its 175th anniversary. The town’s name derives from the Erie-Seneca Indian word, Ji-ik-do-wah-gah, which translated means the “place of the crabapple tree.”

It borders the towns of Amherst, Lancaster, and West Seneca, the villages of Sloan and Depew, and the city of Buffalo. The I-90 and Route 33 Thruway entrances allow for easy travel to the surrounding areas of Western New York. The I-90’s Walden Road Exits in Cheektowaga are used daily by those from all over Western New York and Canada who wish to shop, eat, and play at the Walden Galleria Mall.

The Walden Galleria Mall consists of 250 retail stores, many restaurants, movie theatres, and an indoor go-kart track open to the public.  It is the largest and busiest mall in the Buffalo-Niagara Falls area. More than 18 million shoppers visit the mall each year from both the United States and Canada. The mall’s location is complemented by its close proximity to numerous hotels, the Amtrack train station, and the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport.

The Buffalo-Niagara international Airport is located on Genesee Street near Route 33.  It is also close to the New York State Thruway I-90. The airport’s total land area began as 200 acres in 1925 and today covers almost 1,000 acres. More than 100 flights depart and arrive daily with dozens of non-stop destinations. Nearly two million people, half of the airport’s annual number of passengers, are Canadian residents from Ontario, as the airport is only 13 miles from the Ontario, Canada border.

It is an area with numerous hotels, attractions, employment facilities and airport travelers. Due in part, to this large volume of activity, unfortunately, Cheektowaga sees its fair share of people visiting and residents suffer personal injuries through no fault of their own. With the highways, including Route 33, the New York State Thruway and many busy roads and intersections Cheektowaga police see many motor vehicle accidents, including tractor trailer accidents.

Out-of-state individuals can have a particularly difficult time dealing with New York insurance companies as the laws, regulations, and procedures for accidents here are unique to New York. We at Feroleto law help individuals injured in car and truck crashes, navigate New York State laws and regulations, and deal with insurance companies. We are also very familiar with New York state and local safety codes as they pertain to commercial property maintenance and safety.

An injury caused by someone else’s negligence is more than “pain and suffering.”   The people we represent want to get back to work, as well as get back to where they were before an injury caused by someone else. They often don’t know how they will pay their mortgage or rent, what they will do without a vehicle, how they will take care of their families and not lose everything they work hard for. The Feroleto Law Team can assist those injured by working to get proper compensation that puts the individual and his/her family on the road to recovery.  As experienced personal injury lawyers, Feroleto Law can uncompromisingly represent those injured.  We make certain individuals and corporations who cut corners on safety, or recklessly cause injury, are held accountable for medical expenses, rehabilitation, lost income, and the pain and disability they have caused. Spinal injuries, in particular, can be life-altering and require extensive medical care. If you’ve suffered a spinal cord injury due to someone else’s negligence, consulting with a spinal cord injury lawyer can help ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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