What You Need to Know about Hoverboards


One of this year’s hottest holiday presents are hoverboards. In more ways than one. There have been a number of incidents where the battery powered devices have ignited on fire. A quick check of the Internet will show articles and video, such as an incident inside of the mall in Washington state. Other fires have occurred in Louisiana and New York.

Basically, the item is like a Segway, but it has no stick. Think of a powered skateboard, but the ends are parallel will the body, shoulder to shoulder. If you are buying one for  gift, consider the importance of wearing proper equipment. Include instructions for younger riders. In addition, with youth, you might supervise the charging, at least initially. Cool down the hoverboard before recharging. Keep records, in the event there is a problem. At this point, it is too early to identify good manufacturers from bad.

The boards do look like loads of fun. Let’s consider personal safety, of the rider, pedestrians and awareness of vehicles if used on a street. In downtown Buffalo, New York, hoverboard riders have been seeing weaving in and out of traffic on Court Street and Delaware Avenue. Fun, yes, and let’s consider safety, too.