Looking Right for Traffic While Turning Left – All Too Common

A recent left turn on Kenmore Avenue prompts this discussion. As  a personal injury attorney I unfortunately see the same type of cases far too frequently.

Last week two pedestrians were hit by a driver making a left turn out of a supermarket parking lot. What frequently happens is the driver is looking right for oncoming traffic, begins the left turn and does not see the pedestrians to his left. It’s very, very common. In this case, the driver injured  one pedestrian and caused the wrongful death of another.

Auto accidents on Kenmore Avenue may be investigated by Tonawanda, New York police or the Buffalo, New York police as the street is on the border of the two municipalities.

As a runner I have seen this many times Other runners have frequently commented on the phenomenon of drivers looking right while making a left and never seeing what is to their left as they are turning. This is particularly true if there is traffic and the driver has to wait for some period of time, whether it’s seconds or minutes. By then the scene may have changed. A careful look both ways can prevent a tragedy.