Top Ten Safety Tips For Driving Near A Truck

The space near big trucks is dangerous. The following top ten safety tips are helpful to avoid an accident:

1. Give the truck space;

2. Be sure to signal your intentions and do not make your moves abruptly;

3. Be aware there are blind spots for the truck driver;

4. It is okay to pass a truck, but do not drive next to the truck for prolonged periods;

5. Do not pull in front of a truck when you may need to stop or slow down;

6. When a truck is passing, take your foot off the accelerator and allow it to pass fully;

7. If passing a large truck keep your speed consistent and continue to move ahead until you can see the head lights of the truck in your rearview mirror before moving into the truck’s lane;

8. Adjust your driving to the weather conditions;

9. Do not pull to the right of a truck at an intersection even if it does not have a right turn signal on as the driver may be making a turn and will “off track”;

10. Do not follow a truck closely; you will not have the “big picture” to see potential dangers ahead and will lose important reaction time.

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