As a New York personal injury attorney, I am always concerned when an unsafe product arrives on store shelves for sale to the public.

Today, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that Target is recalling a product known as “Step Stool with Storage” as the wooded step stools can break apart or collapse under the weight of the user, posing a falling hazard. “Target has received 27 reports of the stools breaking or collapsing. Fourteen incidents involve children, eight  involve adults, and five where the user’s age was unknown. Two adults fractured their wrists, and of those victims, one also fractured her hip and pelvis. Additionally, six children and one adult suffered scrapes and bruising.”

Consumers should immediately stop using the product and return it for a refund. At FeroletoLaw we have successfully handled many cases where people have been inured using a product. We will continue to hold those accountable for injuries that manufacturers cause to consumers.