As an attorney who handles cases involving a defective product, often I see where the manufacturer knows the product is harmful, but fails to correct it when it could because it puts profits over people. Recently reported here was a warning about popular baby strollers which allow babies fingers to get amputated in the hinges.

This is not rocket science. Protection against what are called “pinch points” is basic in mechanical design. Pinch points are areas where parts come together and can amputate or badly injure a body part.

You see pinch points designed out on industrial machines, conveyors and all sorts of products. Where they can’t be engineered out, protection can be provided by a shield, cover or other means.

As reported in the New York Post Maclaren knew of babies fingers getting amputated but failed to notify the Consumer Products Safety Commission when it first became aware of even a “potential danger” The corporation should be held accountable.

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