Accident at Construction Site in Buffalo, New YorkAs an injury attorney representing many construction workers I am very familiar with construction site accidents, and violations of safety regulations governing scaffolds, trenches, work surfaces, fall protection, etc.

Some of the safety standards are not easily recognizable, such as the angle of the grade used for a working surface, however, some are easily understandable. One is speeding in a construction zone. An upstate man was sentenced to jail this week for killing a construction worker at a road construction site.

Speeding in School or Construction Zone

If one violates 1180C, 1180D2, or 1180F of the New York Vehicle and Traffic Law the fines vary based on speed and are:

  • Not  more that 10mph over- $90-$300 + Surcharge
  • Between  11 – 30mph over- $180-$600 + Surcharge (and/or imprisonment up to 15 days)
  • More  than 30mph over – $360-$1,200 + Surcharge (and/or imprisonment up to 30  days)

Please, slow down in construction zones. You wouldn’t want a loved one hurt while doing his or her job because a driver wouldn’t slow down.


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