Small cars score poorly in crash tests

untitledCrash tests performed by the Insurance Institute Highway Safety (IIHS) on small cars reveals many small cars do not fare well.

The IIHS has given the following cars a rating of “poor”: Nissan Versa; Toyota Prius c; Hyundai Accent; Mitsubishi Mirage; Chrysler Fiat 500; and the Honda Fit.  The IIHS conducted tests where compact cars were brought to a speed of 40 mph and made to crash into a barrier with their left front sides (in front of the driver).  The above named cars did not pass the test.

Honda has said that it is releasing a newly designed Fit this Spring which it believes will earn a “good” score in the crash tests of small cars.

The issue becomes, what should the industries responsibility be now that it knows these cars can be deadly in a crash?

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