Race your sailboat! But first, make sure your insurance covers racing.

sailboat_hornblower_extra_053112Here in Buffalo, NY on Lake Erie, sailboat racing is well underway on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  Racing generally means there are more crew members on your boat and working in more dangerous conditions than cruising.  Many insurance policies do not cover racing.  Please be familiar with your insurance policy exclusions before you race your sailboat.  Here are some things to keep in mind while reviewing your insurance policies:

  • Will you be using your boat for racing?
    • Make sure it is a covered activity on your policy.
    • Because you will have crew members on board and will be working in more dangerous conditions then cruising, having higher medical and liability limits are highly recommended.
    • If any crew member is injured they can make a claim against the policy to cover their medical expenses.  If their medical expenses exceed your policy you could be personally liable if you caused the injury.

I encourage you to get involved in racing.  It is amazing fun, a great work out, and a great way to meet members of the sailing community.  Do not let insurance policies scare you away from the sport, and while it is always advised to consider “what if ‘X’ happens” scenarios, don’t let this scare you away either.  Know your needs and know your policy.  Make sure your policy covers racing and get out there and enjoy the sport!