It can happen in the blink of an eye. One minute you are driving down the highway, perhaps to work or a tourist destination, and the next you find yourself in a collision with a careless truck driver. These scenarios happen more often in New York than you may think – and if it has happened to you, you should contact a Buffalo truck accident attorney at Feroleto Law right away.

Because of New York’s proximity to the Canadian border, cargo-carrying truck traffic is constant and heavy. Often these drivers are under pressure from their company to make deliveries on an unrealistic schedule, making them drive long hours at high speeds.  Under NAFTA, these trucks can be traveling from anywhere in Canada or even Mexico under different safety regulations. They may be accustomed to different driving practices and may not even read English.

On top of this, many practices used by some trucking companies to maximize profit make large trucks even more unsafe on the road.  Truck companies sometimes overload their trucks, making them difficult to control. Sometimes they perform incomplete or cursory maintenance on vital systems. And often they take shortcuts on rural routes with dangerous cargoes. Add all these things together and the potential for accidents becomes inordinately high. And once an accident occurs, the speed, size, and cargo of large trucks become deadly factors.

If you were involved in an accident with a large truck, you can bet the trucking company will have lawyers on its side. In fact, they were probably on the scene to try and get you and/or any witnesses to make a statement or sign a form that could minimize their liability. It is the job of these lawyers to make sure the trucking company and its insurance company pay you as little as possible.

The only way to ensure your rights are protected and hold the negligent party accountable in a court of law is to hire legal council that has extensive experience with truck accident lawsuits – that’s what the truck accident attorney at Feroleto Law can offer.

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We work on a contingency basis only, so you never pay us legal fees unless your case has been won or settled out of court.

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