One third of the fatal truck crash reports cited contributing  factors such as as speeding, fatigue and inattention according to the statistics of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Looking at 2010 statistics of the 3446 fatal accidents involving big rigs suggests that truck drivers are generally good drivers . It is discussed in an article in the Trucking and Freight Transportation News. Statistics suggest truck drivers are  safer than drivers of passenger vehicles.

Truck drivers should be safer, they have extensive training, spend much time on the road and handle up to 80,000 pounds of vehicle which can cause  horrific truck wrecks and crashes in a moment. During this summer travel season you can be on the roads knowing that most drivers are safe, however, please keep a lookout  and a safe distance because a moment’s inattention can cause unrepairable harm.  A text takes the drivers eyes off the road an average of more than 4 seconds.

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