Buffalo and Niagra

Common Tourist-Related Injuries

Tourist injuries that take place in the Buffalo Niagara Region are often similar to those that happen to residents. The potential for accidents, however, can increase for visitors to our region because they are constantly “on the move” and usually unfamiliar with their surroundings. If the accident is caused by the negligence of a state or municipal agency or employer, a notice of claim will have to be timely filed or you may lose your right to recover your losses.

Common Tourist-Related Accidents

The most common tourist-related accidents take place during activities that typical travelers engage in – like visiting museums, taking boat or bus tours, eating at restaurants, or traveling to and from these locations of interest.

  • Car accidents: the risk for car accidents can increase because tourists are often driving unfamiliar rental cars. This can make it harder to avoid a potential collision, especially one that is not the tourist’s fault.
  • Bus accidents: the risk for a bus accident can increase because many tourists go on trips in large vans and buses that are more apt than other vehicles to roll-over in accidents.
  • Watercraft and boat accidents: while visiting Niagara Falls, Lake Ontario and Lake Erie many tourists decide to take boat tours or spend time on personal watercrafts like jet skis.
  • Falls or dangerous premises accidents: while traveling through Western New York tourists may encounter unsafe or dangerous premises (for example, icy steps, uneven flooring, etc).
  • Aviation or airline related injuries

Due to the large variety of accidents that can occur, common tourist-related injuries can include any of the following:

If you have been injured through no fault of your own while visiting the Buffalo Niagara Region we invite you to call the tourist injury lawyers at Feroleto Law.  Using our many years of experience, we will protect your rights, ensure that the negligent party is held accountable and get you the compensation you deserve.

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