Peace Bridge truck accident and Chautauqua County school bus crash show need for vigilance, space management

Yesterday, a tractor trailer driver rolled over his rig on the Canadian side of the peace bridge in Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada. He was injured; fortunately there were no cars beside him which would’ve been crushed.

Also yesterday, a first student school bus driver attempted a left turn on Route 60 in Chautauqua County directly in front of an SUV injuring the driver of the SUV and shaking up a number of the student members of the girls track team of Dunkirk High School.

As an attorney who represents people injured  in bus and truck accidents I see how one or 2 seconds difference can make a difference between safety and an  horrific crash. Truck drivers and bus drivers have professional training and we expect them to be extra cautious, however, we still need to remain  vigilant and give them space as they should give other users of the road space.  Some people would call thes events an accident, but they are errors in judgment which can cause devastating results.