“On Belay? Belay on.” Defective Belay Devices

When a rock climber hears her climbing partner respond, “Belay on” it lets the climber know that their partner is ready to catch them if they fall.   Rock climbing is an amazing sport that requires not only strength but a good dose of bravery as well.  Climbing equipment is critical to a climbers safety.

The CPSC has announced the recall of Petzel America Belay Devices, GRIGRI 2s models.  These devises can become stuck in an open position disabling the braking function and creating a fall hazard.

These devices are used to control the safety rope during a fall or while the climber is being lowered.  In other words, it is a critical piece of equipment.

If you own one of these devices stop using it immediately and return it for a refund. 

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