New York’s Scaffold is continuously under attack and much misinformation exists about it.  In short, the scaffold law protects workers who work at heights.  Today, attorney John Feroleto was a guest on The Capitol Pressroom to discuss this law and why it is important.  The interview can be heard by clicking on the link above and choosing the February 6, 2013 broadcast and skipping to the 23:24 minute mark.

Those in opposition to the law often are very vocal in claiming that repealing the law would dramatically increase jobs.  To make this point, opponents refer to  Illinois and what occurred after that state repealed their Scaffold Law.

Here are the statistics: Illinois repealed their Scaffold Law (a law that protects workers) in 1995.  From 1996 – 2001 construction employment in Illinois increased 21.0%.  However, in that same time period, construction employment in New York increased by 29.6%, with the law in place.

Even in an economic down turn, from 2005 – 2010 construction employment declined only by 6.1% in New York compared to 26.0% in Illinois showing that even with this law, New York State fared better.

There is no reason for this law to be repealed.  As personal injury attorneys in Buffalo, NY we understand that working at heights is dangerous and can be deadly.  Worker’s safety should never play second chair to profit.

Attorney John Feroleto

Attorney John Feroleto understands the value of hard work. He is known in the community and by his peers for his willingness to work and go the extra mile. Other lawyers often ask John to handle their trial matters to maximize clients’ recovery. Trial lawyers know who the best trial lawyers are. He was also named Trial Attorney of the Year in 2012 by the Western New York Affiliate of New York State Trial Lawyers Association. [ Attorney Bio ]

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