National Highway Traffic Safety Administration called “ill-equipped” to detect problems

The National Highway Safety Administration has “troubling” shortcomings in its ability to detect problems with high-tech electronics in today’s cars, according to a 139 page study by the National Research Council.

Attorneys who deal with car accidents and truck crashes know this. Some vehicles are defective, such as vehicles with aroof which collapses in a rollover, or the vehicle has an excessively high center of gravity and can flip it the steering wheel is turned sharply.  Manufacturers will claim they should not be responsible because they complied with regulations. But the regulations are woefully inadequate.

This is one reason why lawsuits are important. Injured people who come to see me often have nowhere to turn. Sometimes lawsuits can make them whole and create safer vehicles safer vehicles. Think of the Ford Bronco which can flip at low speeds in a parking lot or the Ford Pinto which would explode when rear-ended. Lawsuits caused the vehicles to be made safer.