Manage Space

Manage space. As a car or truck driver it is the most important thing you can do to prevent a crash. As a truck accident attorney, who also handles many car crashes. I can identify off the top of my head the number of feet a car travels per second at a certain speed. Also, the perception reaction time, which many experts testify is about 1.5 seconds – that is the time from which you see a hazard, your brain computes it and the time your foot actually hits the brake pedal.

At 60 mi./h a car travels 88 ft./s or 132 feet in 1.5 seconds. It’s about the distance you travel before your foot even hits the brake.

If you look at the three big rig collision that closed the I 90 this morning in Buffalo, New York or the five car pileup on the I 290 in Tonawanda, Erie County, which closed the highway for a time a few days ago, if you’re traveling to see loved ones in the next week, give the other drivers plenty of space and have good holidays.