John Feroleto – Champion for Justice!

untitledThis past Friday, November 22, 2013 attorney John Feroleto was honored with the “Litigation Award” at the annual Champions For Justice Bash.  This award is given as part of the VPL (Volunteer Lawyer Project) pro bono awards.

John believes in always making time to handle pro bono cases through VLP.  This year he was recognized for defending two unusual cases.  In the first case, a client with a very modest home was sued by someone alleging that 18 years ago (when plaintiff was 2 years old) she visited the client’s home and was exposed to lead paint.  The client does not know the plaintiff or know how the alleged lead paint exposure could have happened.  In the second case, a woman was sued because her teenage son got into a fight with another boy.  The strange part was that the son did not even live with the client at the time of the incident, but instead lived with a Court appointed guardian.

Congratulations John!  And thank you for setting such a great example for all attorneys.  We all are busy, but we, as attorneys, have a duty to volunteer our time and our skills.