Jeep%20Stroller%201LARGE[1] jeep-jeep-liberty-limited-urban-terrain-stroller-jl035-xsa-304592999531Jeep vehicles aren’t the only thing being recalled bearing the “Jeep” name.  Kolcraft is recalling Jeep Liberty Strollers.  These strollers look rough and tumble and provide your little one with a comfy looking ride complete with toy steering wheel, key, and gear shifter.  However, they are causing injuries.

The inner tube on some of these stroller models can rupture causing not only the tire rim to fracture, but for the rim to fly off the stroller which then becomes a projectile.

There have been 39 reports of tires rupturing, including 18 reports of injury.

The CPSC is advising, “If your stroller wheels have a gray triangle located on the rim at the valve stem then your stroller wheels are not included in this recall.”

If your stroller is subject to the recall, stop using it and contact the company for replacement tire(s).  Please visit the CPSC website for complete recall information and detailed photos.

As a personal injury attorney practicing in Buffalo, New York, I get very upset when I learn about defective children’s products.  There is nothing more important than keeping our children safe.  Many parents save their money in order to buy high end strollers and other products believing that they are designed with their baby’s safety in mind.  Sadly this is often not the case.

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