Truck injury attorneys are great people. AAJ (The American Association for Justice) has an Interstate Trucking Litigation Group and it is comprised of thoughtful, collegial, and exceptional attorneys. Among the members are the top trucking attorneys in the country and they are incredibly generous with their time and most are willing to share their experience and knowledge with other folks handling trucking cases.

I had the pleasure of moderating the AAJ Litigating Truck Collision Cases Seminar in Las Vegas, on February 20, 2009, and the topics covered were from the basics of your first trucking case from A-Z, essential document discovery, spoliation of evidence in interstate trucking cases, tractor-trailer roll-overs, traumatic brain injury, among other topics. In addition to educating other lawyers, we had a great time networking. It is amazing how many of the issues which may initially seem unique to our case our matters others have dealt with before.

This BLOG is new and before any more time passed, I wanted to thank the many extraordinary attorneys from around the country who donated their time and knowledge to help educate others to become more skilled in the field of trucking crashes.

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