Infant deaths sparks complaint – Nap Nanny is a dangerous product

 All the clothes, seats, beds, and toys parents buy for their babies are to make sure their little ones are safe from danger and helpful to their growth and development.  As consumers we expect products on store shelves to be safe to use.  Sadly, corporations who manufacture products do not always share our concern for our children’s safety.

The CPSC has filed a complaint against Baby Matters, LLC of Pennsylvania.  They are makers of “Nap Nanny” and “Nap Nanny Chill” infant recliners.  The very serious dangers these products pose sparked the complaint.  The defects in design, warnings, and instructions are creating a substantial risk of injury and death.

To date, the CPSC is aware of 4 infant deaths and have received over 70 reports of children nearly falling.  In 2010, the company was aware of 1 death and there were 22 reports of babies hanging or falling out over the side, even when parents secured the harness over their babies.

As if being a parent was not stressful enough, we face the reality of manufacturers constantly allowing dangerous and defective products on the market.  As a Buffalo, NY  injury attorney who handles defective and dangerous product cases, it is my opinion that corporations must be held accountable when they manufacture unsafe products, which in this case has killed children.  For more information please visit the CPSC recall web page.