Feroleto Law is sponsoring runners for the Headway of WNY walk, run and wheel. Brain injuries can occur as result of car crashes, truck accidents, bicycle accidents, work injuries and more. They can also occur as a result of strokes or other physical conditions.

As injury attorneys, many of our clients and their families have had to suddenly and unexpectedly deal with this very complex injury. We understand how serious and devastating brain injury can be on both the injured person and those who care about him or her. We help people deal with insurance companies which deny responsibility. We see that those injured are treated fairly. Headway is a not-for-profit agency which provides support resources and referral services to survivors, their families and friends.

The run walk and Wheel is Sunday, October 7, 9:30 at the Hatch at the Erie Basin Marina in downtown Buffalo. It will be a great event. Hope you can be there.

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