Gov. Cuomo’ s office announced that he will sign a bill prohibiting the sale of child care products containing the flame retardant known as TRIS. This chemical is a known carcinogen which has been banned for decases in childrens clothing.

The legislation bans the sale of any consumer merchandise intended for use by children under three, such as baby toys, car seats, crib mattresses and strollers, if the product contains the TRIS chemical. Since 1977 TRIS has been banned from use in children’s clothing, although its has been used in baby products including strollers, nursing pillows and rocking chair foam. The law applies to any products sold after December 1, 2013.

Due to the low cost of the product many manufacturers have been using TRIT without regard for the safety of the children and family that use the products.  Products with chemicals such as this should never have reached the marketplace.

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