The New York Times is reporting that  the maker of a pourable fuel gel for decorative fire pots is recalling about a half million bottles after learning of dozens of accidents, including two near fatal accidents in New York State.  This recall was announced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Reports of severe burn accidents connected to the use of gel fueled fire pots, a relatively new product, have surfaced in California, Florida, and Indiana, in addition to New York. A 14-year-old boy currently remains in a coma in a Long Island hospital after an explosion. The manufacturer of the product is Napa Home and Garden Inc. of Duluth Ga.

The Commission’s inquiry began after the New York Times reported on the fuel gel explosionsthat injured a 14-year-old boy and his friend. One of the injured parties has already had 14 surgeries. If you have purchased any of these products Napa Home is offering a full refund if they are returned to the original merchant. Products such as these that are improperly tested should never have made it to the marketplace.

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